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Wes is super smart, has total integrity and works hard for very reasonable rates, is up on all of the latest web programs and software, will help you safeguard your data, and is one of the kindest, gentlest people I know. I recommend him and his work without hesitation.

There aren’t words in the English language to express how loyal and grateful I am to  www.DudeWheresMyWebsite.com.  Over the past several years they have updated both my private practice website and my clinic site because I just can’t run two businesses AND stay up with the web presence.  I simply do not worry about SEO or security or updates.  And even though I should be able to make small changes on my sites, Wes has always pitched in if I got confused or ran out of time or forgot.  They make me feel as if I’m their only account with personal service and super fast response.  Expertise and knowledge I appreciate, but the personal touch puts DudeWheresMyWebsite right over the edge into superb service and incredible value.  Celebrating my good luck to have found this help when I sorely need it to keep up a functional and responsible web presence.

I've worked with Wes Kempfer for years, and have referred him to several friends and colleagues as an experienced and cost-effective professional for website development and ongoing maintenance. WordPress websites are relatively easy for laypeople and small businesses to set up, but confidently maintaining them is a whole different ballgame. Is my website backed up enough to run that plugin update? Why does my page look weird after that update ran? How can I improve my SEO performance? These are things I am happy not to have to worry about figuring out on my own anymore, because I know Wes is on top of them. Even when I've discovered problems on weekends, Wes has been very responsive. He is always easy to communicate with, whether you're technically inclined, or want nothing to do with the codey guts of your site. He meets clients where they are, makes practical recommendations, and can implement them quickly and efficiently. As a small business owner myself, I used to have trouble deciding between what to handle myself and what to engage professionals for. So many of the professionals seemed to be geared towards bigger businesses and bigger budgets than my needs. Wes is a perfect fit for small businesses, which is why I happily recommend him to anyone facing the same challenges.
Our nwmobilekitchens.com website has been in good hands with Wes. He's kept us safe from viruses and hackers and implemented effective solutions for improving site speed. We can count on him to respond quickly and communicate clearly when challenges arise. I would highly recommend Wes if your website is crucial to the success of your business.
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